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Permanent makeup, also known as semi-permanent makeup, SPMU & micropigmentation, is a cosmetic tattooing. Result is long-lasting and can be used for variety of areas  such as eyeliner, lips, eyebrows, areola, scalp micro-pigmentation, scars and stretch marks, correction of dark circles under eyes . Different application techniques allows to achieve a look which is unique to you and enhances your own beauty. The procedure involves superficial implantation of a pigment on the skin surface similar to tattoo. This pigment stays in the skin for 6 month to number of years, gradually breaking down and fading with time, although the longevity of the results will depend on many factors- therapist skill level, equipment and product used, chosen technique, aftercare and individual circumstances such as skin type, age, lifestyle and health conditions.

Services: Services

Brows to wow


Powder/ Ombre Eyebrows

3D Hair Stroke Eyebrows

Combination (Hair stroke & powder)


Smile with colour


Aquarelle Lips (Sheer effect)

Full Lips (Lipsticks effect)

eyeliner makeup.webp

Beauty is in the eye

Classic Eyeliner (Top/lower eyelid)

Shaded Eyeliner

Eyelash Enhancement

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