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Hello Ladies!

I’m Elena Novo - permanent makeup artist.

I’ve always had a huge passion for the beauty industry, and as soon as I had the opportunity and the confidence to start up and develop a career based on passion, I did. However, my career choices weren’t always based on what I loved to do…


Social and family pressure, financial situation, language barrier, etc. have all influenced my career choices in some way or another.

After school, I graduated in Business management. It was a socially desirable qualification when I was 20. I then went on to study Finances & Credit in university – again because it was “cool” rather than because I liked it. I then worked as a sales manager for a wholesale company for number of years before I left to live in the UK.

When in the UK, I quickly realised the level of my spoken English was only enough to “nod an smile”. I struggled to take part in any conversation, let alone find a good paying job. So, I began my studies in English alongside a UK accredited course to become a nail technician. I loved doing nails as a hobby, and there wasn’t as much pressure to be fluent in the English language initially, so it felt like a natural choice, and something I knew I was going to enjoy.

I ran a small nail studio in Peterborough for 2 years and soon became a nail instructor for Kinetics Nail Academy, London. I loved every moment of that journey.

In 2010, life took me from one town to another. For various reasons I had to take any work that was available at that point – and I found a job in bookkeeping. I earned certificates in advanced book-keeping and worked for a small accountancy company whilst also building a new client base for nails in a brand-new town. Whilst juggling my time was tough, I am proud to say that I gained a whole multitude of skills and qualifications.

In 2018, I decided it was time for another challenge, and soon found myself attending a course in permanent makeup. It wasn’t planned… life had planned it for me, I guess! This soon became my new love and passion.

Though I may have met few difficulties and obstacles along the way, I knew a career in beauty therapy was always my destiny, but most importantly, something I loved and had great passion for. If I wasn’t lucky enough to say it’s my paid profession, I’d most likely keep doing it as a hobby!

Working with, and meeting so many of you lovely people empowers me so much. I feel incredibly fortunate to be able to say that my work enhances other people’s lives, and in a lot of cases, restores confidence. I love meeting new people, hearing your incredible stories, and learning how I can help you. I put my all into making the process as comfortable as possible for both of us, and of course ensuring we reach the best possible result - What’s not to love?

I am a daughter,  a friend, a partner , a mother and a WOMAN. Those worries and struggles about personal appearance aren’t alien to me… but neither is that satisfaction when the reflection in the mirror makes me smile. When I smile to myself, somehow the whole world seems to smile with me.

I am Elena Novo - YOUR permanent makeup artist. 
I want you to feel like the world is smiling with you too!
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